SCA Name Type Branch Expiration Date Approver Issues Manage
Achbar ibn Ali Knight's Marshal Charlesbury Crossing 2021-10-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Aeddan Ivor Knight's Marshal Stierbach 2021-05-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Alasdair O Cuinn Knight's Marshal Falconcree 2021-10-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Alesander Davidson Knight's Marshal Sacred Stone 2022-05-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Alleyne Blackburn Knight's Marshal Tear-Sea's Shore 2017-08-31 Membership expired on 2017-08-31
Alonzo Falcone Knight's Marshal Black Diamond 2023-07-31 Brian de Morray
Alric the Mad Knight's Marshal Lochmere 2023-08-31 Joscelin d'Outremer
Andreas de Caunteton Knight's Marshal Seareach 2023-06-30
Angeline Falconis Knight's Marshal Storvik 2020-11-30 Brian de Morray Membership expired on 2020-11-30
Artus Falconieri Knight's Marshal Buckston-on-Eno 2016-07-31 Marryn Blackgroves Membership expired on 2016-07-31
Beatrice von Staufen Knight's Marshal Salesberie Glen 2022-03-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Brandon Caiside Knight's Marshal Saint Georges 2021-11-30 Marryn Blackgroves
Brian killian the red Knight's Marshal Border Vale Keep 2013-06-30 Membership expired on 2013-06-30
Carrick Mac Manus Knight's Marshal Ritterwald 2021-02-28 Marryn Blackgroves Membership expires on 2021-02-28
Colette Vitalis Knight's Marshal Ponte Alto 2021-01-31 Brian de Morray Membership expires on 2021-01-31
Conall mac Aodha mhic Réamoinn Knight's Marshal Seven Hills 2021-07-31
David of Raven's Cove Knight's Marshal Raven's Cove 2021-07-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Der Thommain Breathnach Knight's Marshal Highland Foorde 2018-10-31 Membership expired on 2018-10-31
Eckehard Thrun Knight's Marshal Seareach 2021-10-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Einarr inn Danski Knight's Marshal Attilium 2016-04-30 Marryn Blackgroves Membership expired on 2016-04-30
Ffernfael Cymro Knight's Marshal Roxbury Mill 2021-06-30 Brian de Morray
Gilbert de Chatillon Knight's Marshal Hawkwood 2021-06-30 Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov
Heinrich Wilhelm Knight's Marshal Hidden Mountain 2021-05-31 Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov
Hrothgar Ravensson Knight's Marshal Hidden Mountain 2021-01-31 Marryn Blackgroves Membership expires on 2021-01-31
Johannes von Hammersbach Knight's Marshal Marinus 2022-07-31 Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov
John Biggeheved Knight's Marshal Tir-y-Don 2023-09-30
Jon Bjarnarson Knight's Marshal Brockore Abbey 2020-09-30 Marryn Blackgroves Membership expired on 2020-09-30
Julien de la Fontaine Knight's Marshal Cydllan Downs 2021-12-31 Brian de Morray
Kollack von Zweckel Knight's Marshal Bright Hills 2023-06-30 Joscelin d'Outremer
Linhart Von Marburg Knight's Marshal Lochmere 2021-07-31
Marguerite de Lyon Knight's Marshal Dun Carraig 2021-08-31 Brian de Morray
Osa the Archer Knight's Marshal Yarnvid 2021-07-31
Oswin Knight's Marshal Sudentorre 2021-07-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Patrick of Kells Knight's Marshal Caer Mear 2020-08-31 Marryn Blackgroves Membership expired on 2020-08-31
Ragnarr rifsbrjótr Knight's Marshal Stierbach 2022-08-31
Robert the banished Knight's Marshal Misty Marsh by the Sea 2024-01-31
Rodrigo Falcone Knight's Marshal Nimenefeld 2020-07-04 Marryn Blackgroves Membership expired on 2020-07-04
Roland Shelnut Knight's Marshal Isenfir 2019-11-30 Brian de Morray Membership expired on 2019-11-30
Rufus Barbarossa Knight's Marshal Windmaster's Hill 2021-02-28 Membership expires on 2021-02-28
Sofia Eleonora de la Mar Knight's Marshal Nottinghill Coill 2021-07-31 Joscelin d'Outremer
Tassin Navetier Knight's Marshal Kapellenberg 2022-12-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Tomas de Luna Knight's Marshal Cathanar 2021-10-31 Marryn Blackgroves
Torgautr inn Vikverski Knight's Marshal Marinus 2021-01-31 Membership expires on 2021-01-31
Wilhelm der Schwarze Leopard Knight's Marshal Nottinghill Coill 2022-10-31

Application developed by Master Brian de Moray (mundanely known as Brian Caswell).

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