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User Questions

How do I request a new account?

Click Login, then Register.

How do I request a new warrant?

First login.

Click the warrant type, then Request a new Warrant.

Fill out the form and click submit. Be sure to attach any paperwork required.

How do I update an existing warrant?

First, login. Then click "Marshal Warrant", then click "Request a new warrant". It is the same process to request a new warrant and update an existing warrant.

How do I update my SCA membership information?

First, login. Then click "Edit Account Details". You can update your membership number here.

Your membership update request will reviewed by an administrator.

I updated my SCA membership, but the system still shows my membership as 'expired'.

Membership updates with the SCA membership office can take up to 60 days to make it into our system. Please be patient.

How do I submit a marshal report?

Click "Marshal Warrant", then "Submit a new Report". Fill out the form as directed, then click submit.

How do I find out who is in charge of my warrant?

Click "Marshal Warrant", then click "Points of Contact". The people are listed for managing the various warrants.

How do I update my address?

First login, then click "Update Account", then click "Edit Account Details".

What is the difference between Suspended and Disabled warrants?

Both suspended and disabled warrants indicate the individual is not actively issued that warrant. Suspended warrants still show up in the warrant roster. Disabled warrants do not.

Kingdom Deputy Questions

How do I approve a warrant request?

If you have any warrant requests awaiting your approval, you will see them on the main page after you login. Review any attached documentation. You can either click "approve" or "reject". The person reqeuesting the warrant will receive notice as to your decisoin.

How do I grant a warrant to someone?

Rather than approving a warrant request from someone, you can assign warrants you manage to someone. Search for that user, then at the bottom of their profile page, you will see a menu to add a warrant to someone. Fill in the form as appropriate.

Note: For warrants that have repeating class requirements, you can provide either the date of their required class, or the date the warrant should expire.

How do I review a report?

If you have any reports awaiting your review, you will see them on the main page after you login. If you have any feedback for the person submitting the report, add a comment, which will send an email to the reporter automatically.

Click "Mark Reviewed" once you are done with the report. Note, you can "unreview" a report, which will cause it to show up on your main page again, indicating it is awaiting review.

How do I find a specific report?

Click "View Reports". From here, you can search any report you wrote or reports you have access to review. The search filters include date ranges, tags, comment text searching, and other potential fields of interest.

How do I get a printable roster for warrants I manage?

Sure, click here.

Roster Deputy Questions

How do I review SCA Membership information?

If you have membership requests to review, you will see the requests on the main page after you login. The number and the account information are shown along with the details from the society membership roster relating to that number. This should allow you to determine if the information should be approved or not. You can click "approve" or "deny" and the requester will receive an email regarding your decision.

How do I update someone's background check information?

You can't. Background checks are tied to the user's SCA membership number. The background check information is pulled automatically from the SCA rosters.


How do I deal with duplicate users?

Click to "Administration", then "Potentially Duplicate Users". Click "merge" next to any accounts that you feel are duplicate. For each field of information for the two accounts that are different, you must choose which value to keep. Those fields that are the same are not selectable. Click submit after selecting the appropriate values. From here, the first will have all information updated with the selected values, the second account will be marked disabled, and all warrants will be moved over to the first account.

A user wants to change the email address for their account. How do they do that?

Right now, this is a manual process. Email the administrator to handle this issue.

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