SCA Name Type Branch Expiration Date Approver Issues Manage
Ambra Micheli Cavalry (Training) Storvik None Inactive (disabled account)
Elena Alexander Cavalry (Training) Black Diamond 2016-08-31 Inactive (disabled account), Membership expires on 2016-08-31
Elishabeth de Avignon Cavalry (Training) Roxbury Mill 2013-03-31 Inactive (disabled account), Membership expires on 2013-03-31
Lora Greymare Cavalry Windmaster's Hill None Inactive (disabled account)
Muujgai Cavalry (Training) Highland Foorde None Inactive (disabled account)
Raynold of Wharram Cavalry Black Diamond None Inactive (disabled account)
Susanna inghean Aoidh Cavalry (Training) Sacred Stone 2021-09-30 Inactive (disabled account)
Trystyn of Anglesey Cavalry (Training) Ponte Alto 2008-07-31 Inactive (disabled account), Membership expires on 2008-07-31
Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov Hounds Lochmere 2023-08-31 Missing Warrant, Missing Class

Application developed by Master Brian de Moray (mundanely known as Brian Caswell).

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